Saturday, 8 December 2012


So, I shortened all my nails because they were getting a bit too long and annoying and I kept scratching myself lol! I kind of prefer my nails shorter now, wonder how long it'll last 
Ok, I have a confession to make and it's a bit embarrassing, Ok well, out of all the polishes I own I don't have a simple black or white creme polish :o ( I know, don't judge me!) Well that all changed last week when I went and bought one of each from W7 (which are actually really good) and since then I've been trying to use them in nearly every mani ! 
So this is the first mani I did with my new black polish, it just glided on to the nails in 1 lovely, easy, smooth coat : ) After that I used a Sally Hansen Prism in South Sea Pearl and stamped the water marble design from the BM-320 plate (yes the stamp doesn't line up on all the nails but hey ho I'm still learning ! 
This prism doesn't look much in the bottle but over darker colours the duochrome comes out to play, unfortunately it isn't as strong in the photos as it is irl !

Gorgeous purple and green duochrome : )

Sorry for the picture spam but the duochrome wouldn't show up in all the photo's! 

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