Tuesday, 26 July 2011


aloha ladies, i gt my first award from the lovely ivana at ivana thinks pink thankyouuu : ) without further ado, 

- Link back to the person who passed you the award
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- Award 10 blogs
- Drop them a line and tell them about it

- Share 7 random things about yourself 

Name your favourite colour :
emerald green : ) i luurrve green, green clothes, green nail polish, green anything : ) loll

Name your favourite song :
hmm, this changes nearly all the time, but i think my favourite song i never get sick of might be fast cars by tracy      chapman 

Name your favourite dessert : 
if im honest i'm not a big dessert person, but errm.... probably chocolate cake? 

What makes you mad ? 
a lot of things loll,  but mostly my younger brothers lol 

When you're upset you ... : 
hmm sometimes i cry and sometimes i go around shouting and screaming loll, 

You're favourite pet ? 
omg, that has to be my adorable little ginger cat called skippy, aww i love her sooo much lol, 

Black or White ? 

You're biggest fear is ? 
aeroplanes ( i have a big fear of flying), rats/mice and a weird one, becoming an orphan and having no family 

Your best feature is ? 
hmm, probably my eyes and my hands ! 

Everyday attitude : 
changes all the time, more often than not it's cba ! loll

What is perfection ? 
?????????? is there such a thing? 

Guilty Pleasure : 
as if you can't guess, nail polish loll 

7 random things about me :

1 - i want braces, how weird am i ? loll i should have perfect teeth because my dad's a dentist ! but my teeth are far from perfect, but if i want braces i have to pay a couple of thousand pounds because my teeth aren't bad enough loll
2- i want to be an orthodontist, 
3- i have 3 younger brothers that live to annoy me 
4- i want to get married young
5- i'm not really a very open person and so i'm finding this a bit difficult 
6- i'm a huge worrier and i stress out so much during exam periods people often avoid me loll
7- i used to say sorry in more or less every sentence that my friends made this box that every time i said sorry i had to put a pound in, they were very rich by the end of the first  day loll, but i'm a lot better now loll 

ok, so i pass this award on to: 

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  1. Thanks for passing the award on to me! :)

  2. Thank you so much for giving me this award! I really appreciate it! :-)

  3. Thanks for the award!! :)


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