Monday, 11 July 2011


shock, horror, whats this a post on time?; ) 
lol, ok so first of all, hands up who loved sesame street? 
everyones loves sesame street, right, i must say it was my favourite programme growing up and lol my dads too ; ) 
all of the characters were soo adorable, so i decided i'd do them on my nails, today i have elmo for you, dont know who i'll do next 
anyway here is elmo 

what do you think? don't you just love elmo too, hehe
hopefully talk to you tomorrow lovelies :  ) 
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  1. love these ... so cute and such a good idea :D x

  2. Thats adorable!! I think Big Bird would be really cute too lol:D excited to see what character you decide to do next!(:

  3. i love elmo he is the cutest character ever! and this mani is so cute i like the way you done the elmo loves you part :)

    shel xx


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