Monday, 18 July 2011


well, i think the title sums up how i feel about what i'm going to show you today 
but first i just want to say a huge thanx to everyone out there who reads my little blog, i recently seem to be getting quite a few comments on my posts and i love reading every single comment and i honestly smile when i see a new comment and it really gives me that kick to publish more posts : ), so thankyou to all of you 
ok now on to the polishy bit,

... introducing opi, opening night gold 

look at that holo *swoon* 

sorry this is blurry but i took this picture not expecting to use it but it really shows the holo pretty well

in sunlight !
so as you can see from these pictures the holo is really strong but doesnt show up too well on the nail but irl it's more holo than pics here. it was pretty sheer and perfect thinness but this is 2 or 3 coats and its opaque , so i thought hhhmmm.... could this work as a layering holo ? 

 over collection 2000 ninja 

over black, omg could this be a linear black holo? !!!

this is over bright red, and it has become holo but it's also darker than its original colour, its more crimson here than bus stop red  

the red and the black again (here the black looks slightly purple and red looks slightly pink) 
over no7 poolside blue 

so what do you think ? isn't this polish just gorgeous, i haven't actually seen this on many blogs, it's not getting enough love i don't think, i actually think this could be the gold version of opi's standing room only 
my only con about this nail polish is that it seems to take forever to dry, i applied this at about 7 and went to sleep at 11 and when i woke up i had sheet prints ! but i would happily sit there for a whole day for this to dry, let me know what you think of this, have you ever got an amazing bargain ?
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  1. This polish is really great for layering! Great job! I'm in love with holos so it's nothing new I love this one too! And it's way more prettier layered as on its own imo. Pretty. Can't wait to see more layering manicure with this beauty. :)

  2. this is gorgeous! i have never seen this polish before, cant wait to see what you do next with it :)

    shel xx

  3. it looks awesome over black and red! I can't even see the gold when it's layered

  4. What a fantastic idea!

    Gots to get me some Opening Night x


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