Sunday, 20 November 2011


the best polish i own from the omg collection, i lovee this, application was good ! dry time was insanely fast and the holo is unbelievably strong, the wear is good as well (better than any of the other holo's) 

again, i've inserted a jump because there's a tonne of pictures : ) enjoy ; )

what it looks like in normal, dull indoor light, isn't the colour gorgeous ?

with flash 

i'm so glad i got these pictures yesterday because today it was really foggy all day !
do any of you have this ? 

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  1. man the holo in this is just insaaaaane! love it <3

  2. OMG I need this polish its gorgeous! where can you get this brand from>?

  3. I think I own this and paid way too much for it on Ebay!! Need to wear it!

  4. Really pretty holo!

    I found your blog from Giveaway Lifestyle blog hop and am now a follower. Would love it if you could check out mine:

  5. I love this one! I just recently acquired it....


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