Monday, 21 May 2012


Well that's a mouthful ! lol, so a couple of days ago I got my prize from Rochelle, which were Icing magnetic polishes, but she also offered to get me some other polishes from her side of the pond, and I am too weak to refuse ! Loll  ! One of those polishes was revlon whimsical, and it was just tooo gorgeous not to try out immediately, and since I'm not over the gradient trend I decided to try and pair the two things together, so here you are ....

3 coats of barry m blue moon and models own baby blues and barry m turqouise used for sponging at tips and 1 coats of whimsical ... 
( I did 2 coats on my accent which was an accident because it hid most of the gradient underneath !)

The gradient is subtle but definitely there, it looks better irl. it's so annoying when the amazingness doesn't get picked up in the camera ! 

So there's loads of pictures there, you can probably tell I looooovvvveeee this loll, do you ?

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  1. So pretty! I recently won Whimsical in giveaway too and now I want to try this!!

    1. You should definitely try out, I loved it : )

  2. Aw these are lovely! Such a soft pretty colour

  3. It's subtle but I can definitely see the gradient, it looks sweet to me!

  4. I'm glad you were finally able to get this! It looks beautiful on you!


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