Tuesday, 22 March 2011

barry m new instant nail effects review

hiii everyone, 
my barry m's have arrived im soo excited to try them out
so here they are 
( i already had a manicure on today so i didnt want to try them on my nails so ive done them on these falsies, but once i get fed up of this present manicure i'll do swatches on my nails for you and im sorry the pictures are soo naff)
 barry m instant nail effects 'pink fizz'

these are the pink crackle ones
1) the nails were actually white themselves so i didnt paint them white just added a top coat to them before adding the crackle - i read somewhere that the crackle works better over shiny nail polish instead of matte nail polish 
2) pink crackle over mint green 
3) pink crackle over color club worth the risque - a subtle holo
4) pink crackle over black 
i now theres loads of other combinations that would look lovely too so if you have any suggestions leave a comment 

 barry m instant nail effects 'blue print'

this is the blue crackle

1) blue shatter over color club worth the risque - a subtle holo
2) blue crackle over black 
3) again over the white nail with the glossy top coat

  barry m instant nail effects 'white frost'

1) white crackle over china glaze shocking pink neon, a lot brighter in real life than in the picture and prob my favourite combination
2) white crackle over red 
3) over mint green 
4) over black -
5) don''t ask what happened here, it was zoya renee underneath but then i painted color club revvvolution over the top and it was full covered so you couldn't see the pink underneath but once i applied the crackle you can see what happened 

 and this is silver glitter over white with the pink barry  m nail effects, this looks a lot better in the sunshine 

whilst i was waiting for these i thought i wouldn't be a big fan of the pink or blue and i didn't think they would crack as well as the black, i saw that some of the china glaze crackle didn't crack very well especially the purple but no these are well worth the money 

so my overall verdict : i am in love with these 

they crack just as well as the black the colours are lovely too and they are soo cheap too, what is there not to love ? 

see you next time 

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