Thursday, 25 July 2013


So I actually did these nails when I got back from my holiday to the south coast! I picked up both OPI The mini Oz collection and OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me (which was on sale) on the ferry to France. 
 I didn't paint my nails on holiday because to be honest our cottage was horrible, like the worst cottage we've ever stayed in (and we've stayed in plenty), and it was small so I didn't want to stink the place out with  nail polish, also we went exploring every day and ended up getting back quite late every night and after that we'd all be cream crackered! 

Anywho so when I got back home I sat and stared at my new polishes and waited for inspiration to strike and well I ended up with this ! 
This is 2 coats of OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me, I then used striping tape at the tips and OPI What Wizardry is This? I was too impatient to let me contrast between the textured polish and the regular polish show through so I applied a nice thick layer of topcoat. 

As you can see I was maybe a little too impatient and knocked my pinky! 

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  1. This look is perfection. I've been wanting Don't Talk Bach to Me but haven't gotten it because I was unsure of how useful the color would be. I love this combination!

  2. That look fantastic! Simple but still very creative!

  3. i really like the base colour!


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