Saturday, 6 July 2013


It looks like summer might actually be here ! It's hot outside : o but inside our house is lovely and cool : ) 
What's the weather like where you are? 
Anywho sometimes a nail polish comes along which is so awesome that it has to be swatched, photographed, edit and posted asap! This was definitely the case with Chanel Taboo! I have a really long line of posts and this one just skipped the queue. 
I didn't know if I should get this but then I woke up on Wednesday morning and decided I needed it! I picked mine up from Harvery Nichols but Taboo is available from lots of other department stores which have a Chanel counter.
Anyway this is one of the limited edition summer polishes released by Chanel. It's such a gorgeous polish, I'm not even going to attempt describing it because there's so much going on, I think the photos speak for themselves. 

All photos are 2 coats of Taboo and one coat of Taboo. 

The red shimmer is much more evident in direct light and I swear I could see a touch of green duochrome on the edges but it might just be me ? 

The colour is so complex and gorgeous and unique, the formula is flawless, it can cover in just one coat but I used 2.
I definitely think everyone should pick this up and because it's limited edition I wouldn't risk waiting! I'm even thinking of picking up a backup 

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  1. That's really a lovely looking polish. I did actually consider if this should be my first Chanel, but decided that I didn't like the price tag that much :)

    1. It is gorgeous ! I know I never spend this much on nail polish but justified it by thinking if I didn't get it now and because I know I pretty much need it I might end up paying a lot more when it's discontinued! Lol! You should treat yourself though if you don't make it a habit then I guess it's ok in my mind at least lol )

  2. Oh wow this is completely stunning! I can't bare to spend £17.50 on one polish though, it is gorgeous though :)

    1. It truly is ! Maybe get it for yourself as a treat? My mum is my enabler lol, when I told her it was £18 she said 'ok, not too bad then' and that kinda justified it lol!

  3. OOOOH, very pretty. You did a good job of capturing its intensity!!! :)

  4. What a gorgeous polish. I love that it is dark but also has so much depth and shimmer.


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