Saturday, 23 August 2014


Happy Saturday, how are you all?
Today I have another tutorial for you :) This is for the rainbow chevron nail art I posted yesterday. It's really easy to do but you just need a little bit of patience, so let's get cracking !
It's a little difficult to explain so I'd recommend looking at the pictures as they help explain the whole process.  

What you will need:
Base Coat
7 different coloured nail polishes (one's missing from the picture) I'm using the entire OPI Neon collection and Morgan Taylor Making Waves
Chevron Nail Vinyls, I'm using these from She Sells Seashells 
Quick dry top coat (or regular top coat and a fair bit of patience) 

STEP 1 - Starting at the cuticle, paint 1/3 of your nail with the colour you want to be second in your overall design. (For a rainbow I'm doing orange first) It doesn't have to be neat 

STEP 2 - Paint the middle 2/3 of the nail with the colour you want to be 4th in your overall design. 
Paint the remaining top 1/3 of your nail with the colour you want to be 6th in your overall design. 
Then apply fast dry top coat

STEP 3 - Once it's all properly dry apply one chevron vinyl on top of each different colour like so

STEP 4 - Use your first and 3rd colour and paint either side of the vinyl.  

STEP 5 - Immediately remove the first vinyl to get a clean edge and the paint the other side of the 2nd vinyl like so  

STEP 6 - Immediately remove the 2nd nail vinyl and paint the other side of the final nail vinyl.  

STEP 7 - Immediately remove the final vinyl, wait a few minutes for the polish to dry and apply topcoat and you are done! 

Let me know if you try this out, feel free to email me a link or tweet me or share on instagram :) 

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