Monday, 11 August 2014


That is the question. 
Hey guys, so I know a lot of people don't cut their nails and just file them down but I tried it once and call me impatient but I'll be sticking to my nail cutter. 
Normally I let my nails grow and when they're mid to long length I tend to just do lots of manis in about 4 days and then after that I'm sick of them and they become irritating and I have to cut them down and for that I use a nail cutter to get rid of the length and then I use a nail file to square them off and make them all smooth and lovely, do you any of you guys do that? 
So today I have a review of the Clyppi nail cutter* 
This has only very recently launched on amazon and is described as ‘an ULTRA COOL PRECISION TOOL which will help you achieve that Sharp, Clean, Well Groomed look people find so impressive and attractive in today’s world’
The Clyppi is £10.97 from Amazon with free delivery and a lifetime warranty! So they are pricey if you think of them as just a nail cutter but they're a bargain when you take the lifetime warranty into consideration!
I did take some pictures but they all turned out blurry and I threw the packaging away so I'm going to use a stock picture

My thoughts? I like them, they're very sharp and don't cause the nail to break when your cutting them. They're very sturdy and you can tell they are quality by the weight and the design. The only thing I don't like is that they're a bit on the small side for me personally. 
If you have smaller nails than I do these might be better for you but for now I have passed these on to my dad who really likes them. 
Back to our original question, do you clip your nails?

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  1. I did used to clip my nails, then file. I tend to just file now as the crystal file I use makes short work of it (there was no Pim intended there!)

  2. I used to clip my nails because... well, because it saved me time and hassle. BUT I discovered it made my nails peel, so now I stick to my file. Admittedly, it's a chore but... now they grow long and healthy! With that said, I would love to find a clipper that worked!


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