Thursday, 14 August 2014


Hi guys, how are you all today? The weather has been awful this past week but today I have some very bright neon nails to share with you all! 
I don't believe I've ever shown nail wraps on my blog before, mainly because they tend to crease on my nails, so I was quite curious about trying these ones by Kooky. 
These are the Neon Orange & Silver* design from the Neon Me collection for Summer 2014 by Kooky. Now, orange is not my favourite nail colour as you may know so when I got these I was a bit hmm but I tried them and was pleasantly surprised. 
These wraps don't require any heat and are really easy to apply, select the size which is best suited to your nail, peel it off the backing (it said to apply dehydrater onto the nail but I didn't receive that it's not essential, you can just wipe your nail with acetone) Apply the wrap to the nail and I find it easier to use my finger to smooth it all down and then file off the excess at the free edge of your nail. 
Simple! I did get some creases as you can see but I can live with it. 
These neon wraps are so bright and they make you look so tan aswell so they're perfect for summer! I'd probably use these on holiday and you can even apply these perfectly on a plane or a train or any other mode of transport (except cycling and walking, unless you have an extra set of hands!)

I actually quite like these, and they're very convenient and easy to use. There's also several other neon designs in this collection which look just as cool! 
These wraps are available here from The Beauty Partnership. 

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