Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hi everyone, how's your week going? Today I managed to organise most of my things which I've moved from my old bedroom into my new one aand I can actually see the floor again! Tomorrow I just have some makeup bits and my nail stuff to sort out :) 
When I got these gorgeous fish scale nail vinyls* from She Sells Seashells I knew I would have to do some mermaid type nails and I knew they would have to be epic which is why it took me so long to actually do them! These aren't quite epic but I love them nonetheless. 
So for these I started with 2 coats of Essence 144 Black Is Back* when that was dry I just applied the nail vinyls to the nail and then I sponged on a gradient using ILNP Reminisce and Sirene before peeling off the vinyl again. It didn't turn out perfect as you can see but it looked pretty amazing, if I may say so myself! 
I applied a coat of Essence Quick Dry Topcoat* which didn't smear my design and dried fast but left behind a bit of bubbling but that may be my fault, it was very hot that day! 
I really loved these nails, they flashed green, blue and purple most of the time and at funny angles showed lots of other colours too :) 

These vinyls are just awesome! I love the design, they're quick and easy to use, adhere to the nail well, and leave behind a crisp image. You can buy these for a very affordable £2.50 for 10 stencils here.  

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  1. Very nice... I am planning to do some mermaid nails too :) Those vynils would make it easy peasy...

    1. Thankyou, the vinyls make it a million times easier, I probably wouldn't have done them if it wasn't for them!

    2. Btw, that Essence Quick Dry topcoat... is that really quick drying? I mean that clear bottle...

  2. I think we are synchronized with the mermaid scales today <3 Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. if Ursula was a mermaid her tail would look like this

  4. Wow!!! This is sooo pretty. Love the colors used and love the design as well. I like the scaly effect. Great job!


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