Tuesday, 6 September 2011


0mm, today certainly got me thinking, what do you class as violet and why couldn't it just be purple? anyway this may not be violet but never mind. anyway i thought i'd take this chance to turn this post into a fake opi caution posty thingy 

ok so now just a few pictures showing differences between real opi and fakes
need i say anything here, 

the purple is the fake, look at the backs

real opi's (i think it may be the newer ones) now have a code engraved on the lid

on the lid the opi is thicker on the real one

and now the thing that annoyed me the most, look at the labels, barlez-vous opi ????? wtf?????? it's supposed to be parlez-vous opi? i looked the colour up online and the swatches are darker than this fake, never the less the colour is still pretty but i'm unhappy i wasted my money on this : ( 

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  1. The color is very pretty.

    I think I would cry if I knew that any of my OPI's are fake lol

  2. Great post! I can't believe the sell fake OPI polishes. That is so insane to me!


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