Monday, 5 September 2011


oh ladies i'm so tired today, had to start school again today and i'm not happy there's been soo many changes since last year i feel like i'm somewhere new all of a sudden there's loads of people everywhere, all my teachers have left and have been replaced with new ones, except for chemy where they have replaced our old teacher with a teacher who last year taught us for 1 term and taught us the completely wrong syllabus and wasted a full term *sigh*,  anyway thankfully this mani has cheered me up as i came home with the biggest headache evvverrrrr! 
this is another one of my favourite colours : ) and one of my favourite nail polishes

i've shown you no7 poolside blue but i really love this nail polish : ) and then for the accent nail i painted it black and added my new barry m blue and silver strip glitter i showed you in my haul a while ago 

not very happy with these piccies but i'm dying to show you this, in fact this challenge is a really good opportunity to try some of my untrieds : ) and hey, i'm not doing too bad its day 5 : ) 
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  1. Awesome manicure! Love it! New follower by the way!

  2. I've seen it before, but I am still just such a big fan of that poolside blue!! Where did you get it? I've never seen that brand... I wonder if I can even get it over here... maybe online... I wonder if it is similar to OPI Ogre-the-top Blue which I already have...

    lol sorry for the rambling comment

  3. OMG!!!! love!!! that glitter give it that extra special touch!

  4. Loved it!! Hooray for weird glitters!

  5. @ maria: i lovveeee this blue, it's actually boots own brand and boots is like a drugstore? it's an old colour and i don't think they do it anymore, maybe on ebay ? not sure and i think it may be a tad darker than the opi, i'm sorry i don't have it or i would have done a comparison for you.

    thankyouuu ladies


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