Sunday, 18 September 2011


aah, so simple and chic, yet the hardest nail design i may have ever done ! *shocking*
and this morning i learnt on rebecca likes nails  that it was an old tradition for women to leave a half moon ! 
i love the half moons and first saw them on dita von teese and decided to try them out, i don't think i've ever been so frustrated with a design ! oh the horror ! they came out wonky, i tried the guides and they made things worse, anyway since then i only admired them from a distance loll, and when i saw them on list i thought oh no ! but i had a great idea, i saw a picture on google about a year ago and i had to recreate it 

and in true nail loopy style, i managed to knock my little finger *typical*

but i loved the rhinestones because it didn;t make the half moons look soo wonky loll

the crackle didnt't shatter in lines like it should have done (maybe it was because i didn't wait for the base colour to dry !)

i really quite like this design, as it's quite chic and neutral but also rather funky loll, would you wear this ? 

ooops and i also want to say thankyouu so much ladies for showing Anna at Pretty Digits soo much support, i feel so connected, loll hehe : P 
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  1. I love half moon mani's and yours works very well. Fantastic. Wish I had taken up the 30 day challenge... may be I'll pick my favourite days and do them:-)

  2. Wow! What's the name of the beige polish? Gorgeous!!!

  3. I have never tried a half moon mani... I should start soon :)

  4. aww thankyou ladies,

    @anonymous : the beige is a mini virgin vie polish, i don't think it has name


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