Thursday, 1 September 2011


ok ladies, quick rush post here, whilst i was checking my blog roll i came across this post at Shadow's nail art, and this looked sooo exciting i had to try it out for myself

and like she said only 30 days in September so this will be a 30 day challenge : ) 
first week might be a tad boring but im soo excited for some of them, have already got my thinking cap on loll 

ok, so today is red and i've actually been saving a post on my favourite red nail polish loll, and so this is the perfect oppurtunity, i introduce to you rimmel dancing queen, 
an old but stunning rimmel, 

all the pictures are without topcoat and look at how glosssy this is 

flawless application, perfect formula, gorgeous colour, an all road favourite of mine, i think i've given my opinion on red nail polish before so i wont again but here you are day 1 : ) going to run off and get day 2 picked out now : ) 
hope you enjoy these 

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  1. What a fantastic challenge to do! I'm going to give it a try once my nails get a bit longer. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with during this challenge! PS: Excellent red polish.

  2. I have one I made myself, i went off of this list but mixed it up and added my own ideas....and I made it a 15 week challenge since I am only able to get to my nails about two times a week....4 kids make a person sorta busy! LOL Love this red....check out my challenges on my blog!


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