Tuesday, 13 September 2011


so i went nail polish shopping this weekend to get some polishes for some swaps, and obviously how could i not get some for myself? well actually i only got 2 for my self  one which was the gorgeous facets of fuschia from revlon, i loveee it : ) and i managed to find a bottle of my beloved no7 poolside blue in boots : ) 
and now since we've started school again i'm going to have a lot of work to do, it's my last year and i have to doo really well, so it means head down now loll and my posts won't be as regular, i'm going to try and finish this challenge as i don't want to leave things unfinished 
anyway for this mani i wanted to do something different to the regular leopard print, and i failed i did tiger print but this was with a twist, on the accent nail i wanted to create some texture so i put some wool on and sealed it in with a tonne of topcoat and the continued painted it the same as the other nails anyway here 

lots of pictures loll, i'm not sure if i like this look or not, leave a comment and let me know if you like it or if you want to see a tutorial 
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  1. i love the different color oranges. not sure how I feel about the texture on the accent nail


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