Tuesday, 20 September 2011


my last watermarble was the most miserable fail ever, but i have been aching to try it again and this was the perfect opportunity. i also want to make this post into a little tutorial thingy well, no anyway my biggest hate of water marbles was the clean up aaargh, it was the biggest turn off, so when i did my water marble for this mani i taped my fingers up well and good and all the pictures i'm going to show you are COMPLETELY NO CLEAN UP WHAT SO EVER ! all the pictures you see are like 30 seconds after i'd taken my fingers out of the water !! 
first i'll show you how it turned out 

lately i've really been loving matte and i love this much more matte !  

ok so yes, it's not the most perfect watermarble ever but it may possible by one of the cleanest loll
anyway i'll show you a picture of how i did it (sort of)

ok so like i said i taped up my fingers really well and around the cuticles 
this is what my fingers looked taped up before i dipped them in  *excuse appalling state of nails*
i made sure the tape covered my cuticles and pressed it down with my nail to makes sure it didn't lift or anything and i got the tape under the nails again
i think i'll make a separate post with better picz on how i taped up my nails, if you're interested, if you do want to see that post then leave me a comment 

loll, random dodgy water marble thing (yes, i'm not perfect, this is my 3rd every try lol)
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  1. Hahaha I totally hated cleaning up my fingers and never water marbled again! You are a taping genius! Yes!!!!! We would love to see a detailed pic on how you achieved this super clean mani! Xoxo


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