Friday, 30 September 2011


*hangs head* ladies, i'm very sorry i didn't post these on time, but i've been really ill for the past few days but because of personal statements and stuff i've had to drag myself into school, and then by the time i've got home again i had to go to bed because i felt so weak and ill : (  all these mani's i've done today, i'm still not well but i really didn't want to leave this challenge unfinished, and i was so tired , this morning i had some work experiance at a dental surgery in beeston and so had to be up and early, when i finished there i went straight to school at two, went to my chemy lesson, came home and then sat down for two minutes and then our cousins came round and i got 2 hours where i sat down and did all these remaining mani's and i couldn't post them because my cousins have just gone now and i'm feeling ill again, i really hope i'm better by wednesday because i've got my ukcat exam on wednesday ! anyway hee is the art work mani 

inspired by van gogh, sunflowers 

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  1. Oh no I hope you feel better soon, it sucks being ill. Good luck with the UKCat, I remember my BF did it a few years ago and didn't revise for it. Oh I just remembered I let a 3rd yr King's dental student pull my wisdom tooth out, that'll be you soon!

    BTW I enjoying your 30day challenge post.

  2. I hope your personal statements turned out alright! That's such a pretty design btw. I love the color combo!


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