Sunday, 11 September 2011


 i love polka dots, we all love polka dots
ok so this is what i came up, i wanted to try something a bit different and attempted a polka dot 'gradient' which i think looks best on the middle finger

i used all pastel colours and i added the black first and thought i'd make a huge mistake as it might overshadow the lighter colours,  but now i look at it i quite like it as i think it adds a bit of depth, what do you think ?

oops, i almost forgot, does anybody remember what pointillism is? it's basically drawing a pictures out of loads of tiny dots and i remember i was taught this when i was little but one of my old teachers who has sadly passed away now, but i really wanted to try this on my nails, and only tried it on my thumb, and decided i'd go for something simple, like a love heart loll

hmm, now quite as good as it looked in my head loll, unfortunately the dam red smudged and started turning yellowy yuk 

and i'm sure many of you are probably wondering when will she get her act together and sort out a giveaway, loll, well i am working on it, progress is a little slower than i'd hoped, anyway i am currently in the middle of some swaps and this challenge too, soo i've decided my giveaway will go live as soon as this challenge ends : ) *fingers crossed*
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  1. This looks absolutely fantastic! :)

  2. I do remember that type of art being taught in high school! I couldn't remember what it was called until now. Thx! I think it looks great!

  3. I love both of these designs; they look great!


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