Friday, 16 December 2011


Yep, today i have small haul post for you, just to show you what i've acquired over the past few weeks, (a few other things i bought for swaps i haven't included in here)
(I'm not feeling well atm. and there's nothing better to cheer you up  than nail mail : )

A while ago i contacted Natalie from heartnat after drooling over many of her awesome nail polish heaven hauls  (if you haven't seen them, definitely go over and check them out !) and she kindly picked up some big lemmings for me : )
(L-R) Essie_- aruba blue, boat house, chastity, short pants, bright tights

(L-R) Essie- case study, shine of the times 

Opi - Excuse moi, I lilly love you 


China Glaze - for audrey, snow globe

Zoya - Neeka, Reva, Veruschka

art deco silver and gold glitter striper pens from the £ shop!

nail art brushes from ebay 

Seche Vite refill top coat, look at this beast !

Anyway, i finally have a christmassy mani to show you tomorrow 
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  1. Hi !! These look very nice ! You have a great blog , i love your blog !! :)) i following you :)
    i wish follow me back..kissess xXX.

  2. Oooh I picked up those glitter stripers today ready to do some Christmassy designs :-)
    Have you visited TK Maxx recently, they have some OPIs in stock, including ones from the Nice Stems Collection and Serena Williams duos. Hope you feel better soon. x

  3. @ Anna, i've used the gold one today but the bottle had leaked somehow and the lid was stuck and there was loads of dried polish and the brush was funny too : ( but what do you expect for £1? loll, well the last time i went to tk maxx i went to the big one in leeds and looked for nail polish and couldn't find any, i really wanted the colour club sets, so i haven't really paid attention after that, but i'm planning on going after christmas and looking again, ooh ! i really want the serena williams duos! how much are the btw?

  4. @ ★nasli_, thankyou following you too now :)

  5. It's a shame in a way that your stripers are sealed in packets so you can't actually check to make sure the brush is ok. I guess it means no one can use them. The OPIs are in trios at £12.99. The serena polishes have been split up so you will be hard pressed to find the duos together if you get what I mean. The color club polishes pop up randomly so it's really luck if you find a set. I haven't seen any for a while though but I will keep an eye out.

  6. This is such a lovely haul!! :D

  7. Whoops, didn't put this in the last post: I hope you feel better soon!


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