Saturday, 17 December 2011


when i got snow globe i had no idea what to layer it over, i didn't want to layer it over black as it would loose it's delicateness and prettiness, so i decided to use it in a snow globe! (if that makes sense )

anyway yes, i drew snowglobes (or attempted to ) 
i used a base colour of 2 very thin coats of catherine arley then i dotted little snowmen on each nail and then drew a thin wiggly white tip so it looks like snow on the ground, then i drew in little trees and then i painted on coat of snow globe over the top, and at this point it looked really cute and pretty and then i thought i'd be clever and draw an outline in black so it looked like a dome and it kind of ruined it, imo. it looks likes there's too much going on, what do you think ? 

it looks soo pretty here and soo delicate, the one thing i don't like about this polish is when it flashes too much yellow it looks really old or reminds me of stained nails ! 

also one more thing i would like to ask you all is would you like to see some tutorials? and if you do can you give me an idea of which designs you want to see a tutorial for and then i'll set up a poll and we'll take it from there : ) 

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  1. This is fantastic!! I LOVE what you did here; such a great idea and wonderful artwork! :D

  2. i think tutorials are a brilliant idea!!! it makes doing your own nail art so much quicker when there is a step by step guide. i love the snowglobe idea too! would never have thought of it.

  3. These are stunning! So realistic to a snow globe. OMG I love this!

  4. I LOVE these!!! I may have to try it out once I finish the 24 days of Christmas! So cute!:D

  5. thankyouu ladies, soo much : ) i'm glad you liked it : ) yes have a go, it's not hard to do try it and let me know : )

  6. thankyou, i'm glad you all like it, i wasn't too keen on it ! loll


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