Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 TOP 11 !

Ok, i wasn't planning on posting anything but after seeing everyone's amazing posts of their top (insert number) polishes for 2011 I decided I'd share my favourites with you too : )
well the original plan was to do my favourite polishes that were released this year, but i didn't get many polishes from the new collections this year, 2011 was the year officially became on to nail polish scene, i have always loved nail polish but i never knew about new collections and all these brands so i spent this year just catching up on old collections, so i'm going to show you my favourite nail polishes which i bought and used in 2011 which may have been released before but were still new to me ; ) 
I didn't have time to reswatch all these colours so some of them are from previous posts and others from the vault, that's why my nails may be different lengths in the pictures 

ok, i can't decide, upto #5 they are in no order
without further ado


GOSH - bubble gum
 ( omg! yes a pink made it in to the top 12!) i really do like this colour, it applies so well and look at that shine !


NO7 - Poolside Blue 
i have raved about this soo much all year i don't need to say anything again (for some reason every picture i take of this is baaad!)


Illamasqua - Raindrops
I loveee it so soft and gorgeous and the little flecks, oh beautiful : )


China Glaze - 2nite
 One of the most holoey holo's i have and the blue colour of it is absolutely gorgeous (i didn't reswatch this because there wasn't any sun to show off it's true gorgeousness !)


Zoya - Verushka 
One I've only acquired recently but the minute i put it on it shot straight up to the top 10! 


OPI - Opening night gold 
this picture isn't the best, this was the first holo i photographed and it was hard loll, i will reswatch this again soon, and this is my favourite layering holo too (you can see the post here to see what it looks like layered )

Top 5 (these are in order, drumroll please...)

Inglot - 203 
I don't think i need to say anything with this ! 


Zoya - Yara
I think this was one of everybody's favourites this fall, and i think you can see why just look at that gold shimmer in the bottle ! 


Gosh - Holographic 
pic taken in artificial light, so nowhere near it's full potential, but you've all seen far too many swatches of this already !


OPI - Excuse moi 
I very nearly didn't get this and when i did it was only for layering so imagine my surprise when i fell head over heels when i put it on ! 


Orly - Fowl Play
Most definitely my favourite polish of the whole year, i have worn this sooo many times and really didn't expect to love this as much as i did  !  

Ok, so that's my list, are any of these on in your top 10 ?  let me know your favourites from this year in the comments : ) 

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  1. gorgeous colours and swatches! I like the selection :)

  2. Oh these are so pretty!! My favourites from your list are Yara, Inglot-203, O.P.I Opening night gold, Verushka and Raindrops. Raindrops is soooo pretty, I want this one so much!

  3. thankyouuu,
    @ Ashesela: Illamasqua have another sale on, you should see if they have it, i got mine for £5 in the sale !
    @ Amy from imfeelingnail-venturous: loll, i know it's slightly overwhelming loll !


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