Wednesday, 7 December 2011


... I am an addict. 

Oh my goodness, yes it's true, some may say i was an addict before but i am now a diehard addict!, i shocked myself the other day by nearly spending £70 on nail polish in one day a while ago, this addiction has reached a whole new level, and after completing 2 swaps i'm currently doing, I AM NOT BUYING ANY MORE NAIL POLISH , no matter how pretty or cheap they are
It'll be hard but it has to be done! I have far too many untrieds (actually i have to admit i am getting through them now, slowwllyy lol) and i'm accumulating too many dupes ! I know this shouldn't be upsetting me or anything but I honestly can't help but feel slightly upset ! I probably sound like a bit of an idiot now ! loll

anyway on to the nails ! 

this was a mani i did last weekend when there was a bit of sun! 
i couldn't decide what to wear so i decided to combine 3 polishes into this mani  base colour is the gorgeous catherine arley 677 sponged with catherine arley 676, and gosh holographic on the ring and thumb !


i really loved this mani, but the only thing i was a big disappointed with was the catherine arley has a weaker holo than the gosh and even though it's there, compared to the gosh holo you can barely see it (if you know what i mean, i don't know if that makes sense, my brain is fried today loll) 

Another thing i wanted to ask you all is what do you think about the new picture size, do you like the pictures this big or where they better before, i personally like this size but let me know if you want me to keep this size or go back to the old size, take care lovelies 
toodles xxxxx
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  1. The pictures look good this size. I love the holo's.

  2. Such beautiful sparkle! The pics are great! :D

  3. I love GOSH Holographic although it's a pain to apply. Personally I prefer your pictures when they are big :-)

  4. We've all been there! I am trying not to buy any more either! I am loving these holos

  5. Lol welcome to the club! We are all polish addicts here.. shameful, yes but happy? you betcha! (;

  6. thankyouu ladies : )
    @laura: i must say i didn't find the application too bad, maybe i was expecting a lot worse loll: )

  7. I'm loving that ring finger!


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