Thursday, 1 December 2011


Soo much work to do, unbelievable ! i'm going to have to have a break from blogging soon when it get closer to my exams ! : ( 

anyway yesterday's nails, pink polishes are the most dominant in my collection, but i haven't worn a pink in months, and even then that was only for 2 hours! i hate pink polish on me ( Ivana if you're reading this, i have to say sorry loll) i don't know why, i just do and haven't bought any for a long time, but when i saw this i decided to give it a chance (take a chance on meeee, loll sorry that abba song pops into my head) 

2 coats, one very thin one and a slightly more generous 2nd coat and no top coat loook how glossy it is ! 

whilst watching some programme i was reminded of the combo of pink and leopard print and added this crappy leopard pink bow ! 

well, i must say i was pleasantly surprised with this, in fact i grew to like it and when it came to taking it off, i was almost sad ! loll, i do like this shade and will wear it again,
what's your opinion on pink polishes? 
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