Friday, 9 November 2012


So you may remember I mentioned a while ago I'd bought the new bundle monster plates, well I accidently ordered the 2011 ones so when I got them I was really annoyed until I saw it was my own mistake; anyway so the same day I ordered the 2012 ones hoping they'd come in time for me to take on holiday and they didn't. My first order took a week to get here and then the 2nd order took nearly 2 weeks so when I got back they still weren't here ! 
Anywho I finally got them and couldn't wait to start using them so this is the first mani with the 2012 plates and I am rather pleased with my stamping here (I'm sure you guys remember some of the previous failures I shared with you!) 
So for this I did 2 coats of Ciate Mistress (which I didn't buy, I got it free a really long time ago, just saying because I refuse to buy anything from Ciate) which is a nice red jelly/creme because my nails were nubs you couldn't really see any vnl. Then I used Barry M Silver Foil to stamp on the gorgeous roses from the BM-323 plate !

Yes I know all the images don't line up and aren't in the same position but whatever I like it ; ) 
I have some more stamping mani's to share with you, expect to see many more, hehe, anyway's thankyou for reading guys and have a lovely weekend :D

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