Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I scheduled this post and it blooming well didn't publish, so I'm really sorry it's late 
So this idea was awesome in my head and well it didn't really translate onto the nail : ( I was going to do them again but I didn't have time : / 
It was supposed to be the lower half of a man's face and the thumb is the beginning of the month when the guy's shave their beards completely and then the pointer finger is 1 week after and the pinky is the end of the month. The main problem was the lips were too small and it just went downhill from there really, anyway here they are 

Check out everybody else's mani below : ) 

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  1. I actually love this, it turned out kinda kooky and artsy looking, awesome job!

  2. They're all so cute, I almost want to kiss them :D

  3. That's such a cool idea--a fun, creative take on Movember!


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