Saturday, 24 November 2012


Urgh, I have been getting this post together for about 3 hours now, first the internet goes and then blogger says I've reached my 1GB capacity limit, urgh anyways I've resized my pictures for now and I think they look the same but if they don't look good to you then just let me know. 
Anyway Hi guys, I hope your having a lovely weekend  and I hope all my American readers had a lovely Thanksgiving with lots of food : ) Because my internet was refusing to co-operate I didn't really get to do any polish shopping yesterday but there were definitely some good sales on ! 
Anyway I saw this mani months ago and I honestly fell in love with it (but I can't find the blog post now !)
I wanted to instantly recreate it but the only ingredient I had for the mani was smoke and ashes so when I got Amber Ruby you can guess what I wanted to do with it, but alas I didn't have the stamping plates (nor the skills) So when I got my Bundle Monster plates I set to work and I was so excited and pleased with how it turned out only when I looked at the original picture I realised I'd used the wrong stamping image : ( 
Well, that's a long tale lol, anyway enjoy the photo's which didn't turn out so well : (

So enjoy the rest of your weekend guy's I'll talk to you soon  : )
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