Saturday, 27 October 2012


So I'm currently on a little holiday in pretty much the middle of nowhere, surrounded by endless fields, but it's a lovely place, the cottage is lovely and the gardens are beautiful.
 So today we all decided we'd go walking/hiking so we were all dressed in waterproofs and stuff (looking a bit daft too) but they came in extremely handy because after a mile it decided to hail really heavily. We ended up walking about 7 miles in total and my hiker boots were a bit too big and ended up cutting the back of my legs, which is very painful : (  

Anyway on to mani business, I accidently ordered the 2011 Bundle Monster stamping plates instead of the 2012 ones and I couldn't be bothered returning them so I kept a couple of plates for myself and the rest my friend wanted! One of the plates I kept had this funky peacocky design which I decided to use for this mani. This is 2 coats of the gorgeous Catrice King of Greens and then stamping with Barry M Gold Foil. Now remember my stamping leaves a lot to be desired so please bare with me as I try to get better ! 
After the stamping I dotted some Models own Pinky Brown, Purple Blue and Indian Ocean (mixed with some red) to create like peacock spots. 

This Catrice stained really badly though, so double up on basecoat when wearing this one 

So what do you think of this mani? Are you guys doing anything exciting this weekend?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thankyou, me too. I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing a lot more of it here ; )

  2. I love the stamp... I can´t stamp at all.. I have some stamping plates but I suck at stamping so I haven´t really used them as much as I would like to :)
    I love the added details :)

    1. This is pretty much my first successful stamping mani, I failed soo many times lol. I'm sure you'll get really good : )
      Thankyou, glad you like it : )


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