Thursday, 11 October 2012


Hmm, so I was really excited to show you this but yesterday's drama with China Glaze stealing an artist's work has put a bit of a dampener on this polish : / I really hope they respond accordingly and sort it out because I really really like China Glaze ! 

Ok so on to today's polish, this is one of the new glitters from the upcoming Holiday Joy Christmas collection . I only got this one because the others didn't look as interesting, that might change though when swatches start popping up hehe ; ) 
When I first saw this it didn't scream Christmas so I wasn't sure why they put it in this collection, but when I got it, I got it ! 
This is an awesome mix of red, purple, gold and slightly larger green glitter ! Application was ok, it required some dabbing but most glitters do. I used 2 coats for this swatch and one coat of Seche Vite which was pretty much enough because it wasn't too gritty 

This is what one coat looks like  

So I guess this would make a good layering polish too 

Overall I'm pleased with this polish and I definitely recommend it, I got mine from Nail Polish Direct but I think the official release is in November, please correct me if I'm wrong 

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  1. its already out here in canada..i picked this one up it :)

  2. What an awesome glitter! Great for the holiday season, but it's not so holiday-coloured that it leans too seasonal to use year-round. :D

    BTW, with the China Glaze artwork drama, I looked it up and saw that the original artist seems pleased with how CG has handled it. The infringement was done by a third party, and when it came to CG's attention, they issued the original artist an official apology and offered her a job. ^_^

  3. Very pretty polish. Another one to add to my christmas list he he he.

  4. It's a pretty glitter... I'm not quite sure yet whether I'll pick it up or not though :)

  5. This looks so so pretty. I've asked for it for my birthday, although I accidentally bought Barry M Amethyst Glitter today...hoping they're not too alike!


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