Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Hi guys, long title! If you follow me on instagram you know that I shared a sneaky peak of a gorgeous polish yesterday which I said I'd show you today but I completely forgot that this was still waiting to be posted, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see that!
Ok, so I recently got some square glequins and other bits from Viva La Nails to review and here's one of the designs I created with them. I was particularly interested in the square glitter because you guys know I've been on a quest to find the perfect square glitter and their pictures looked promising!
So I receive the blue, pink, red and gold holographic squares, these are on the small size which is why I didn't do a full glitter placement with them because I wanted to create something that was easy and quick for you guys to recreate,  I think they're 1mm.
 I started off with two coats of OPI Sweetheart and then I applied the glequins, I have a tutorial for you later in the post so be sure to click the read more button. 

Click read more to see the tutorial, my review and a discount code for you :)

Ok so, here's the tutorial 

What you will need

Base coat (not pictured) 
Base Colour (I'm using OPI Sweetheart) 
4 different colours of small sqaure glequins.
Top coat 
Toothpick/wax pencil to pick and place the glitter with

STEP 1 - After base coat apply base colour

STEP 2 - Apply a small amount of topcoat where your going to apply the gluequins. Then apply one small glequin

STEP 3 - Apply another glequin next to the first glequin you've applied, leave a small gap between the two

STEP 4 - Apply another glequin below the one you've just placed, again leaving a small gap

STEP 5 - Next apply the last glequin to complete the square.

STEP 6 - After applying all the glitter you want apply a generous layer of top coat.

Ok, so that's it, super simple, super easy and fast! And it doesn't have to be perfect because from a normal distance it looks awesome!
The packaging was really great, the pots have a plastic lid thingy under the pot lid to prevent any glitter from leaking out which I found really handy. Each pot contains 5g of glitter and the pot is stuffed with glitter, I don't think anyone can finish a whole pot, haha! Delivery is next day which is great and they ship worldwide.
Whilst the glitter looked promising I was slightly disappointed with how small the glequins were but I guess it's not that big a problem. The other thing is that the glitter pieces are slightly uneven and more rectangular than square which again isn't that big a problem but if your a bit of a perfectionist like me then it might bother you which in that case I probably wouldn't recommend this for you.
However this is a good quality glitter which comes in a variety of colours. I guess they just weren't what I was expecting which is why I feel a tad disappointed with them but I still recommend them because they're great quality and good value and I think this might be the best of what's on offer to UK ladies. I will be using the glitter in other designs too and will report back. 
You can find the glitter pots here and I even have a discount code for you, just enter 'OFF10' in your basket to receive 10% off all products and it's valid for the whole year, which means you can order a pot or two to try them out if your not sure !

*The glitter and topcoat were sent to me for my honest review.See my disclosure policy for more details

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  1. Awwww.....this is so cute! I love the background color and the glitters on it. Great choice of design and color. love it!

  2. Your nails are stunning, I LOVE this design soo much!! x

  3. Oh my square glequins they look fab! Another amazing manicure.

  4. Thankyou so much guys, really glad you like it :)


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