Friday, 17 January 2014


Hi guys, how are you all? I've had exams this week which is why I haven't blogged but I finished yesterday so today has been about nails, nail polish and blogging : ) 
So I have so much to show you but I have loads of posts from last year which I never got round to showing you and my brain will start to itch if I don't post stuff in order ; ) haha!
So this is two coats of Butter London Scallywag, a gorgeous vibrant turquoise glitter. 
This is really topcoat thirsty though, I applied about 3 coats of topcoat and it still had a gritty look/feel!

Ok, so then I applied gold and silver hex glequins as frames on my index and pinky finger

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  1. Great mani, love the glequins addition. Congrats on getting through your exams too

  2. Thankyou : ) Still waiting for the results though, haha !

  3. I think I need my sun glasses on! Yayyyyy for exams being over


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