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Hey guys, I hope your all having a lovely weekend, it's a bank holiday here in the UK which means 3 day weekend \o/ Yaay!
So today I have an exciting post for you. Recently I ordered some of the China Glaze Off Shore collection from Nail Polish Direct and received them mid week, unfortunately the bottle of I Sea The Point had broken in transit and ruined my bottles of Shore Enuff and Stroked To Be Soaked. They did send me replacements so I had to swatch these quickly because honestly I've not had any time this week to do anything!
I chose 6 colours from the collection and I shall share my thoughts etc below, so click on to see the swatches and read my review :)
Before I get into each colour, I just wanted to say that in my eyes these aren't as neon or bright as I'd expected. Also when you apply top coat it does lighten the colour. 

First up is Be More Pacific. I used 3 coats and it was a little streaky. This was the most neon of them all and dried to a semi matte finish. I applied one coat of top coat. My camera hates photographing neon greens and this is actually a little more dusty irl. It's a very unique colour though and I really like it :)

Next up is I Sea The Point, I had to try out the blue of course and it's quite nice. It does lean a little towards purple and it's as bright or as neon as I'd hoped, it's not as bright as in the pictures. I used 2 coats and one coat of top coat. I probably have a few dupe of this but I haven't had a chance to dig through my stash. 

This one is If In Doubt, Surf It Out. This is a very unique colour and I wasn't expecting to like this but it's my favourite now! I used 2 coats and one coat of topcoat. 

Next up is Shore Enuff and this is another of my unexpected favourites. I wouldn't really class this as a summer colour though! I used 2-3 coats and one coat of top coat. 

Next up is another of my favourites! This is Stroked To Be Soaked. I used 3 coats and I didn't use top coat for this swatch. It's such a juicy orange which is just perfect for summer! This is just a tad less bright irl.

Finally, we have Sun Upon My Skin and this name reminds me of the Summer song from Frozen ;) 
I used 4 coats and it was really streaky.  I didn't apply top coat on this either. It's a nice yellow but again I think I probably have a dupe for this and I don't have an awful lot of yellows.  

Are you still with me? Great, well I do like these but I was a little disappointed with them. The formulas varied but mostly were ok. My picks are If In Doubt, Surf It Out, Shore Enuff and Stroked To Be Soaked. 
Oh and for some reason I couldn't remember any of the polish names for this collection, I had to look them up every single time and that never happens with me! 
Ok, so let me know what you think of this collection, are there any standouts for you? 

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