Sunday, 16 March 2014


Hey guys, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :) I love Sunday evenings, they're the most relaxing part of the week, I'm watching Modern Family, editing photos and getting posts ready with a big hot mug of yummy coffee :) 
I am in love with todays nails! I bought some more glitter recently and when I got them I decided to try a gradient glitter placement using the pink and the purple and I think they turned out great! They are so sparkly and I think the colours blend together really nicely :) I did need about 3 coats of top coat on this but it was totally worth it! You can see quite a few bubbles but they weren't noticable irl!

 I forgot to mention the base coat is Orly Pure Porcelain. I love this so much and I'll definitely be doing more gradient glitter placements :) Have a lovely week my friends and I'll catch you in the next post ! 

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