Thursday, 1 August 2013


Good evening guys, how are you all? I wanted to post this yesterday but our internet stopped working as I was typing the post so I couldn't publish it :( 
Anywho, I find I tend to go through phases where I adore a brand and consequently the majority of the polishes I buy are from that brand, for example a few months ago it was OPI, then I was crushing hard on Illamasqua and I'm kinda coming out of that now and I am loving Butter London! Someone tell me I'm not the only one who goes through this right?!
Anywho as I mentioned when I was having a love affair with OPI I came up with this winning (at least in my book) combination. I started off with coats of OPI San Tan Tonio after a few days of wear I applied one coat of OPI Polka dot com. I wasn't expecting to like Polka dot com because it just seemed a bit boring but when I tried it I really liked the colour combination ! After the coat of glitter I then applied one thin coat of OPI Bubble Bath. 
I haven't done many Jelly Sandwiches, but after these nails I've realised I need to do them more often!

This is what the nails looked like before I applied Bubble Bath. Whilst I like it this way I prefer it as a Jelly Sandwich because it looks so cute and pretty :)

Do you guys own any of these polishes then? When was the last time you did a Jelly Sandwich?

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  1. I love the sandwiched look here! I actually just removed a jelly sandwich today (picture up on my blog now) I had used OPI My Pointe Exactly and I♥NP Silver Spoons. Great combo!


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