Sunday, 18 August 2013


This was such an amazing idea in my head and it turned into a hot mess ! 
I got some iridescent glequins and thought they'd look really beautiful in a mermaid themed nail art. 
So you want to know how I created this mess? Well, I started with 2 coats of Kiko 341 then sponged on some Essence Choose Me, then I applied all these iridescent glequins in no perfect order, when that was dry I used Barry M Gold Foil and tried to draw on some gold scales but the surface was uneven and the lines too thick which resulted in a big mess, so I stopped after two fingers and after about 30 pictures this was the only which I could consider showing you guys! 

It took me ages to do these nails and it ended in disappointment unfortunately, but hey ho, win some, lose some!

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  1. Hmm too bad it didn't turn out how you wanted :( As from the picture I really like this nail art. But yeah, I have "bad nails days" as well. Next time it'll be better ^.^

  2. Sorry it didn't quite turn out the way you wanted, but I have to say, it looks great in the picture! :)


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