Monday, 14 April 2014


Hey peeps, I hope your all having a great start to the week. I have a lot of revision to be getting on with but I am lacking motivation!

Anyway a while ago I treated myself to some Illamasqua's, among my little haul was Perseid. I saw this in the Illamasqua store at Christmas and it looked gorgeous in the bottle but when I saw the few swatches that popped up and the disappointed reviews I was turned off but it's really beautiful and I thought I might be able to make it look good so I got it. 

I've used two coats and the formula is ok, it does clump a little because of the glitter in it but it's not a big issue. It does dry quite gritty so I used 2 thick coats of Top Coat.

It's a deep purple base with silver and black holographic hex glitter, smaller holo silver glitter and green shimmer, so there's a lot going on! Unfortunately the base is too dark and overshadows most of the glitter, the ratio of base to glitter is also a bit too much so I decided to swipe the nail (once it had dried) with acetone to see if it looked any better. You can see those swatches further down. 

After a swipe of acetone, the glitter is more visible and it's a lot sparklier!

As you can see it does look better after a swipe of acetone but I can't be bothered with that to be honest. So yes, it was a great idea but it wasn't executed well which is why I am disappointed with this! I'll still keep it because I love Illamasqua and it's very unique but I wouldn't recommend you buy this!

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