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Hey  guys, sorry there's been no post for a few days, I have been working on this mammoth post !

When I first saw the Sheer Tints by OPI I was not excited, but then when I started seeing swatches etc. I thought they could be really good for nail art so I desperately waited for these and rung Sally's many times and dropped in (several times) after a long day of uni with the hope that they might have them in. They got them in about 2 weeks ago, I posted my haul on instagram so follow me on there to see more of my hauls etc.

I've created 10 different nail art designs using the I'm Never Embarrassed (yellow), Be Magentale With Me (pink), Don't Violet Me Down (purple) and I Can Teal You Like Me (blue).

All of the polishes have the same formula as a half used Seche Vite Top Coat, ie. thick and undesirable. They bubble like crazy though which you will see in all the pictures below, but they are so much fun to play with. 

 There's a lot to get through so I'll just talk over how I created each look. 

Sit down, grab a cuppa and click read more to see all of the designs below :)

Dried polish triangles. I have a tutorial for this here, instead of punching circles I cut out various size triangles. I used 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow for a base. 

Next up I decided to use these for a Jelly Sandwich, I used Illamasqua Swarm over 1 coat of each Sheer Tint and then I applies 2 more coats of the Sheer Tint. It didn't work as well as I thought it would!

Now we have the oh so famous watercolor design which everyone's done! All I did for this was apply random blobs of each colour, overlapping some to create an array of colours :)

Do you remember this design I did a while ago? Well I decided to recreate it and the effect was really cool, I bumped the ring finger, so please ignore that! You can create a completely different look by sponging it on, as you can see my pinky and pointed look rather different!

This was probably my favourite mani :) I used the 4 colours just did stripes of colour and overlapped the pink and yellow to create orange, the yellow and blue to create green and blue and purple to smooth the transition from blue to purple. 

Next  I tried some colour blocking using striping tape, I overlapped all the squares in the middle of the nail. 

For the next mani I used saran wrap/cling film and lightly dabbed on each tint. This was a very subtle pattern, perfect for spring :)

Next up I used a straw to create these rings, I have a tutorial here if you want to try it out. I was a little bit impatient here so it's not perfect, also the formula of the polishes made it a bit trickier. 

Next up is another form of colour blocking. I decided to try a ruffian manicure. It worked with them all except the yellow, which was just too subtle and looked more like a gradient. Unfortunately as you can see this had so many bubbles it just looked ugly :(

Finally, another favourite of mine, the stained glass window design. For this I painted a black frame/outline on all the nails using black acrylic paint. I then painted on a random triangle pattern before using a small dotting tool to fill in each shape with a different polish. 

I tried doing a gradient with these twice and whilst the idea was nice I just couldn't sponge with them, it looked awful, went really stringy and didn't work.

Ok, so congratulations if you made it to the end! I hope you got some inspiration from this post and please if you try any of these designs share them with me on instragram, twitter, facebook, email etc. 

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  1. Great to see these used it a lot of different ways!

  2. These are great ideas! I bought these and haven't tried them as I'm not sure what you do, begs the question why I bought them! LOL :-)


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