Saturday, 2 February 2013


This post should have been up yesterday but technology was busy hating me which prevented me from getting this post ready for you guys ! 

So this haul is from the past 2 months, including my purchases from December and January !

So the bulk of my haul was China Glaze !
Anyway so I got 91 nail polishes and a huge China Glaze stand from ebay (for a really good price) , haha yeah quite a lot, and hidden in it were some amazing gems which I'll show you first  !

The best part of this lot was these babies here :

 The China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection, there are 2 missing but it doesn't bother me !

So I'll just quickly show you the other polishes that were included in here (I'm not including the names here but if there's anything you need to know the name of then let me know in the comments) I will probably purge some of these though!

There were some polishes here from old collections which are super gorgeous but I'll show you them in a separate post, I also forgot to photograph a few so they're not all here! 

Then I found these China Glaze Christmas polishes on sale and had to get them !

Angel Wings, Glistening Snow and Pure Joy

Then I had to get some of China Glaze Cirque Du Soliel polishes, this was a pretty impressive collection and I'd probably have got more if I could have afforded to
Whirled away, Running in Circles, It's a Trapeze 

I picked up some nail art supplies from Born Pretty using a $20 gift certificate I won in a giveaway

Some studs & glequins

Holo glequins

Then my brother ordered me the Cheeky Vibrant stamping plates :)
(I will be reviewing these soon for you)

Then I got some Essie polishes from Fragrance Direct 

Lights, Off the Shoulder, Bazooka

Next from the Illamasqua sale, I ordered these 3 beauties !

Load, Poke and Baptiste 

Sally Magpies had a sale on her Layla hologram polishes too so I got Misty Blush and Mermaids Spell

I also got some polishes from a Blog sale 
Hits- Chameleon, Catrice - Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans,  Color Club - Take Me To Your Chateau,Sally Hansen Insta-dri - Whirlwind White,  Wet n Wild Fergie - Tonight's Gonna Be Good Night , OPI - Pepe's Purple Passion

I also ordered lots of Swatch Sticks (which I've already painted)

Then I got this lovely Kiko polish from a friend 

I also got this 18k gold leaf topcoat by Rococo from Ebay!

I got these pretty polishes from the pound shop !
Fairy Teal, Green Tea, Thinking of Blue

I think that's it for now !

I know it seems like a lot but in my defense they were all cheap/on sale!

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  1. Could you please let me know where you got the swatch sticks? I have a handful and they all wrinkle when I paint them. Thank you very much for any information you may be able to provide.
    And I am totally jealous of your haul =P

    1. Hi, I got them from ebay! They wrinkle? Do they do it will nail polish or just certain brands? Here's the link to where I get them
      They are also available in clear but I use those for my glitters and the natural one's for solid colours !
      Hope this helps :)

  2. I know it's pretty much irrelevant, but what's up with the paint on the ChG caps?!

    1. Lol, I don't have a clue! They were from a salon so it might have been part of their system or something! It bugs me so I'm going to remove it all !

    2. =D I would bother me too. Even the smallest stickers bother me. Apart from that, you have a wonderful new collection! Have fun with them!=)

    3. I know what you mean, I didn't want to take th silver off the caps though , lol ! Thankyou :)

  3. What a seriously fabulous haul--and so many Kaleidoscopes!!

  4. what an insane haul! youre very lucky! I would love to see which polishes you choose to give up! ill be checking that blog sale for sure!

    1. Thankyou, it's difficult all this purging though !

  5. What is the light green with shimmer that is in the third photo down, on the far right? I'm totally in love with it

    1. It's On The Rocks, it's really pretty but really sheer ! I think you can find it on ebay :)

  6. I love haul posts. This is great.

  7. OMG, I fell down :-D from two months... this would be from 6 moths for me :-D

    1. Lol, well there were a lot of good bargains! Some months I don't buy anything because I don't find everything!

  8. Oh my goshhhh awesome haul!!! That CG stand you got hold of, just incredible! Can't wait to see your swatches =] Have fun with all these new pretties!

  9. OMG I just died!! *.* not to mention drooled a little bit haha! How did you possibly get all those CGs???


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