Sunday, 29 July 2012


Hello everyone, how you all doing? So my most popular post is my original swatch of this insanely bright neon pink  and recently I was feeling in a pink mood and decided to try it out again and hopefully get better photos for you ! 

I did two coats on a white base this time and it was much brighter, but as you all know neons are a pita to photograph ! 
As much as I love this really eye searingly bright pink the formula on this is terrible I didn't have the patience for another coat which is why it doesn't look so good, and this is one day of wear!

Then I decided to add a coat of Essence Carrie (another gorgeous essence topper !) 

I hope your retina's are still in tact after that blast of neon ! I have some nail art in mind which I'll hopefully get round to doing tonight so I can show you tomorrow  : )

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  1. Very pretty. Nice combo with the glitter.

  2. Love this neon, bit hard to apply and very tricky to photograph but you managed that quite well. It looks great on your nail shape

  3. Neons are awesome :) beautiful

  4. Neons are the best! And I love the glitter over it!


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