Sunday, 11 March 2012


I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long, I have soo much to show you I kind of don't know where to start, anyway here you are 
I've always loved flakies on a purple base colour but have never tried it so the other day when I didn't know what to wear I decided to try it, so this is a base coat of colour club wild at heart and 1 coat of finger paints flashy and then I added Fantasy Fire ! All I can say is I'm in love ! : )


I had to insert a jump because there's an insane amount of pics 

and this is what is looked like before FF

What do you think? Do you lovveee it? 
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  1. loe the darker photos but but but but you corrupted Wild At Heart? Mean Loopy, mean Loopy :) xxx

    1. lolll, I know, but it's the dud version, does that make it any better? !

  2. Nice o.O I've never seen that!!
    BTW I follow you now <3


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