Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Yes , I know I was supposed to start this on monday and it's wednesday today, but as I'm sure you all know life has a silly habit of getting in the way !
Anyway like I mentioned before this week is going to be dedicated to stamping, as may know I got my first stamping plates a while ago and atm. absolutely suck at using them but I have not given up so this week your going to get to see some successes and laugh at some of my major fails !
Hope you enjoy it

Ok so a couple of weeks ago on twitter I asked the ladies what polish to wear and they all said Essence Chuck !
Let me tell you this is one of the most beautiful blues I've ever worn, it reminds me of more opaque slightly duller version of opi dating a royal ! Anyway they told me not to do anything else to it but before I took it off I decided to try some stamping and oh how I wished I hadn't !

So today is a fail, her you are you have been warned !

I used essence got a secret for the stamping, oh and I also attempted a french tip on the pinky !

Thankfully there's only 2 pictures, I only took 4 !

Thanks for looking and hopefully I'll see you soon : ) take care
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