Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Hey guys, I'm back : ) How are you all ? 
It's been a while! Anyway my exams are now finished and I'm free aaand I have a lot of exciting things coming up soon so keep an eye out for those : ) It's so good to be back blogging I've really missed it ! 
So my nails have been naked all month and so the nails I show you over the next few posts were all done in December. 
Also I'm going to Istanbul in February so any lovely Turkish people who can recommend nail polish from there and where to get them, please leave me a comment or email me : )

I was going to show you this mani before I left but I just couldn't squeeze it in ! 
So when I got my glequins and studs I couldn't wait to use them and so I rustled up this mani, also at this point I just could not get enough of glossy black nails (which is really unusual for me because I never wear plain black on my nails!) 

So really quickly, on my pointy finger I placed silver glequins in rows (which look so crooked now haha) and then on the rest of the nails I applied a gold stud (they look silver here though!). To finish I topcoated everything with one coat of NYC Turbo dry (which I will be reviewing shortly because it is uh-mazing) 


This was insanely glossy and I totally loved it ! 

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