Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Hi guys, ok so here is another quick post ! I recently got Rococo Gold Leaf topcoat from Ebay for a good price, some of you may be familiar with this polish, it was the first (I think) gold leaf topcoat and was released a few years ago ! I had wanted it for a long time but then, £35 is a lot ! 

Anywho I decided to compare it to the other 2 gold leaf topcoats I own; namely, Sephora by OPI - It's Real 18k Gold tc and OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun ! 
I've layered one coat of each over China Glaze Up all night,
the ring and pointer finger have the Rococo, the middle has the OPI and the pinky is the Sopi ! 

L-R - Rococo, OPI, Rococo, Sopi 

Ok so you can see the Sopi has the smallest flakes but is the densest and doesn't require much/any dabbing 

The OPI is the least dense and the flakes are mid size and sparse, which requires quite a bit of dabbing and placing of the flakes 

The Rococo is rather dense and has a mix of larger and mid size flakes, you get a lot of flakes on the nail but you need to move them around on the nail ! 

My favourite? The Sopi ! Yours?

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  1. SOpi would definitely also be my favourite of the bunch! :)


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