Wednesday, 23 February 2011

todays mani : orly glitz and glamour

today we went to a family friends house and so i decided to wear a nail polish that actually matched my outfit instead of my normal quirky colours lol
the result : orly glitz and glamour 
(my nails are too short and a dodgy shape too sorry, picz unfortunatley arent as good as id like, but there is no sun, it actually snowed two days ago )

this nail polish is an amazing gold it actually looks like gold particles on  my nails its lovely, might even be the best gold nail polish ive tried hmmm , its quite reminds me of the models own gold rush what do you think?
i dont actually like gold nail polish on me but its still luvly 

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  1. Wow this is great! Where did you get it from? Looks so amazing. Loved the shine it has. I have the same shade but its matte.

  2. Nail coloring is the favorite art of girls. It looks good on parties and a must have fashion in asia on events.


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