Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hey everyone, how has your weekend been? Unfortunately my weekend has been pretty rubbish but tonight I have some spooky graveyard nails. 
These look a lot more challenging to do than they really are which is what I love most about nail vinyls. I have a tutorial at the bottom of this post so click read more to see how to do these, they're so easy thanks to the nail vinyls so anyone can do them :)
I used 2 Barry M Gelly polishes for the night sky gradient, the lighter shade is Blue Grape and the darker one is Blackberry. The black base colour I used was w7 Black. 
I hope you like it! Don't forget to see the whole post for the tutorial, enjoy! :)

What you will need:
Base Coat (not pictured)
Top Coat (not pictured)
Black nail polish (I'm using w7 Black)
Light blue nail polish (I'm using Barry M Gelly in Blue Grape)
Dark blue nail polish (I'm using Barry M Gelly in Blackberry)
Makeup sponge (not pictured)
(I'm also using Pva glue on the skin around the nail to make it easier to clean up, you can also use glue or alternatively use tape)

STEP 1 - Apply base coat and black nail polish as base colour and allow to dry full. Also at this stage you can apply your glue/tape on the skin around the nail. 

STEP 2 - Pick up your nail vinyl 

STEP 3 - Position and apply the nail vinyl to your nail once your base colour is completely dry.  

STEP 4 - Paint on your blue nail polishes onto your sponger, overlapping the two colours in the middle for a more blended and flawless gradient.

STEP 5 - Sponge the gradient onto your nail. You may need to do a few coats.  

STEP 6 - Peel off your nail vinyl as soon as your gradient is complete. You can also peel off your glue/tape from the skin.  

STEP 7 - Clean up any excess polish and apply top coat.

And your done! How easy was that? 
Ok that's it for today, have a lovely week and I shall see you in my next post. 

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  1. That was so easy! I find it pretty and perfect for this coming Halloween. Love the colors used too.


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