Sunday, 12 October 2014


Hey guys, is it Sunday night again? The weekend goes way too quick! 
I often get questions about the acrylic paint I use in my nail art and normally I just pick up them in random places so I haven't been able to recommend any brands or places to purchase until now. 
I did quite a bit of research online for some acrylic paints which weren't the regular red, blue, green, yellow, white and black etc. but also affordable and I'm happy to report I found the perfect paint! 
So the acrylic paint I found is by DecoArt and is sold by Art Discount for a very reasonable £1.30 for 59 ml and the colour range is huge, like seriously, there is every colour imaginable! You can find them here. All the paints I've tried so far have great opacity and formula so there's no need to thin them down. 
I received a lovely selection of these paints quite a while ago to share with you and I'm really sorry this took so long to make it to the blog but there are lots of posts coming up using these acrylic paints and also some tutorials as well. 
So let's get onto tonights nails. This design was inspired by the paint in the shade Lavender* and I also paired it with the shade Leaf Green*. 
I used a base colour of Barry M Gelly in Huckleberry. 
Click read more to see the rest of the pictures and of course the tutorial and it's a very simple one :)

Ok so tutorial time!

What you will need
Base coat and Top coat (not pictured)
Base colour - I'm using Barry M Gelly in Huckleberry
Green acrylic paint - I'm using DecoArt Leaf Green
Purple acrylic paint - I'm using DecoArt Lavender
Nail art brush

STEP 1 - Apply base colour after base coat and allow to dry

STEP 2 - Using the nail art brush and Leaf Green, paint on rough green strokes from the tip of the nail towards the cuticle

STEP 3 - Using Lavender apply random blobs of paint towards the tops of the green lines you've painted. Bunching them together will make them look more like lavender.  

STEP 4 - Apply top coat and you are done! 

How easy was that? If you give it a try, share your results with me!
If you want to get these paints for yourself you can get them here for £1.30.  

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