Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Hi everyone, hope your week is going well so far and if not then there's only 2 days left ; ) 
Anywho when I was in Turkey I knew I had to pick up some of the Flormar Ducohrome polishes but unfortunately they didn't have them in any of the places where Flormar was sold :( 
In their shop however I managed to find this DC07 and although I couldn't really see any duocrhome in the bottle it still looked pretty and I was in a hurry! 

When I got home and tried it I was disappointed, there is no duochrome visible at all and although it's a pretty colour I can't see myself reaching for this one again ! 
To make it a bit more interesting I added some one stroke flowers in black and white. I love the contrast of the black and white flowers against the complex colour, I did a similar thing here

I think the nail art saved it for me! 

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  1. Beautiful... you manage the one stroke technique very well... I have so much to learn!

  2. It's truly beautiful, the base color is perfect for this :)

  3. Love this...really pretty and so well done! Please consider adding a widget for following your blog via email subscription - I truly hate Bloglovin and I don't use any social media now days - way too much to try and follow everything on it - I never see half of what's on it - and now with too much out there about all of us I want nothing about me on mine...including no comments I leave for others...I only use twitter now to follow a live event and I use it under a totally not me ID. Since G Reader left - email is what works with every device anyone uses no matter the platform nor the browser - readers are browser dependent. Bloglovin had had fits with Firefox of late off on and they wrote 3 times to tell me this and told me to use MSIE which i won't want to use!


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