Thursday, 2 August 2012


Can you believe it's August ? aah, honestly where has all the time gone? 
Just thought I'd share some of my newest polishes, I haven't bought many polishes for the past 2 months so I was excited to get all these ! : ) 

L-R, Gosh - Green Hawaii, Purple Heart, Avantgarde 

L-R , Models own Black Swirl, Barry M 244, China Glaze VI from the anniversary collection (got this from a friend who was going to throw it out : o )

L-R, Metallic Venus, Moondust (I got this one by accident!), Mosaic, Salt n Pepper 

I've never really paid much attention to w7 before but I couldn't ignore their recent glitters which are amazing btw. I accidentally ordered moondust instead of lava flow but I checked it today and they don't seem to have it  ! I was going to return it but I may keep it, it reminds me Opi's MAAH ! 

Anyway yeah so that's about it ! It's not an awful lot but still I like sharing with you guys lol : ) Anywho I have something cool to show you tomorrow : ) 
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  1. WOW!!! You went for 2 MONTHS without buying ANY POLISH???!! Good for you!!! :D Oh man would I ever have a hard time with that lol.
    Wonderful haul!!! :D

  2. Nice buy, and I agree, 2 months with almost no buys - that's impressing LOL

  3. Awesome haul! So jealous of a lot of those colors!


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